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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chitika Vs Adbrite - CPC CPM Earnings Comparison

Chitika Vs Adbrite - CPC CPM Earnings Comparison
There are so many advertising networks these days and they are all in competition with each other and are hence striving to gain the upper-hand over others.So with this competition among the different ad networks, there is bound to exist some comparisons between them.So today we are comparing Chitika Vs Adbrite to see which one of them is the better paying ad network.We will also be seeing the other factors such as quality and variety of ads, ad-fill rate and payment process and ease of working.

Chitika Vs Adbrite

Average CPC and Average CPM
Chitika - From my experience of using Chitika, I would say that for USA clicks, you get around 5 to 10 cents maximum.Avera CPM was usually around 15 or 20 cents.

Adbrite - From my experience of using Adbrite, I would say that for USA clicks, you get around 10 cents average, I have noticed a few clicks going up to 80 cents.Average CPM for PPC ads were around 40 cents but for Interstitial ads it was well over 2$.

Quality Of Ads
Chitika - Very Poor: They seem to be running a scheme where they display "Answered-Questions" ads, which is their own property and when someone clicks this, they go to a page with Adsense Ads.You can imagine what is going on here.

Adbrite - Okay: They have a large number of advertisers but extremely untargeted.There are a few big companies advertising with Adbrite but these are few and far between.

Ad-Fill Rate:
Chitika - Very Poor: They have very poor ad coverage, only USA and Canada traffic gets at-least 50% ad-fill, the Asian countries get almost next to zero ad-fill.

Adbrite - Poor: They have a decent ad coverage, but sometimes we end up seeing blank spaces and "Advertise Here" ads.These may be intentionally shown as they are free advertising for adbrite itself.

Both Adbrite and Chitika are prompt in their Payment.They payout as they say.

Customer Service:
Chitika: Good.They reply quickly and try to solve the problems of the publishers and advertisers.

Adbrite: Poor.They are not very prompt in returning queries made by publishers and advertisers.

Chitika Vs Adbrite CPC

Overall I would rate Adbrite as a better ad network than Chitika, but this is just my experience of using both the ad networks, please share your experiences by commenting below!

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